Gunstock to Present New Master Plan in December
The proposal includes new trails, lifts, and facilities.
Sunday, October 31, 2021,


Gunstock Mountain Resort is expected to release the details of its new master plan in December, the Laconia Daily Sun reports.

After having well-publicized struggles a few years ago, the county-owned ski area is coming off a record 2020-21 ski season and has been paying down debt. Meanwhile, local legislators are pushing to change oversight structure of the resort, possibly opening the door to leasing it to a private operator.

2010 Gunstock Development Map
2010 Gunstock Development Map

According to the Laconia Daily Sun, the master plan calls for two additional summit lifts, including one out of the 'Eastern Drainage' (also referred to in the past as Southwest Pistol). The other prospective summit lift could be sited on the north-northwestern face of the mountain, near where the original Gunstock Ski Hoist was located. This so-called Weeks area is not owned by Gunstock.

Another aspect of the ski expansion would be re-activating ski terrain on Mt. Rowe, where the original county ski area and a separate private area named Alpine Ridge were located.

The plan also calls for a summit restaurant, reachable by a toll road. In addition, "a very premium hotel" would be constructed and leased by a private operator.

According to the Laconia Daily Sun, the chair of the Gunstock Area Commission stated the project is needed to be a competitive player in the skier market. Gunstock is the only remaining ski area in Belknap County.

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