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Killington North Ridge Lift Project Quickly Progressing
Construction must be completed in time for Killington's first-in-the-east opening.
Monday, May 13, 2019,

North Ridge Replacement, May 13, 2019

Leaving nothing to chance, Killington and Leitner-Poma have been making fast progress on the North Ridge lift replacement this spring.

North Ridge Replacement, May 13, 2019

Originally installed in 1972, the North Ridge Triple was a work horse, as it served Killington's opening day terrain. The parts from the Heron-Poma lift are now staged in parking areas for disposal or sale.

North Ridge Replacement, May 13, 2019

Meanwhile, Leitner-Poma has already delivered significant portions of the new fixed grip quad set to take its place. The $2.2 million project will place the lift along the existing lift line.

As the lift is located at a high elevation, Bicknell's Thrush restrictions threatened the short timeline for replacement. An Agency of Natural Resources official visited the site and noted it "lacked vegetation of sufficient density and height to make it [a] preferred nesting habitat for Bicknell's Thrush."

As a result, the May 15-August 1 construction moratorium has been lifted, though Killington has been instructed to use an excavator in lieu for a helicopter whenever possible, and to record audio and video of any helicopter use, excavation, drilling, or blasting.

Killington previously used Leitner-Poma to install its new Snowdon six person bubble chairlift and refurbished South Ridge Quad last year. Killington also recently disclosed potential future lift projects to include a partial to full replacement of the Superstar and Rams Head lifts, as well as the Outpost double at Pico.

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