Quoggy Jo Loses Funding
The northern Maine non-profit ski area is seeking donations to cover its shortfall.
Sunday, May 1, 2022,

Quoggy Jo

In a Facebook post last week, Quoggy Jo in northern Maine announced that they have lost their decades-long funding from the Libra Foundation.

Established by Elizabeth Noyce (former wife of Intel co-founder Robert Noyce), the Libra Foundation became active in June 1989 and has provided over $200 million in grants since that time. The Maine Winter Sports Center was founded in 1999 and was backed by the Libra Foundation for over a decade as it acquired and developed ski areas in the state. In January 2000, the Maine Winter Sports Center entered into a 99-year lease with the Quoggy Jo Ski Club. When the Maine Winter Sports Center lost its Libra Foundation funding in 2013, it sold Big Rock and Black Mountain to new owners and terminated its lease with Quoggy Jo.

In recent years, Quoggy Jo has used foundation funding to pay insurance and taxes. Recently being notified that its funding has ended, Quoggy Jo is now reportedly facing a $34,000 shortfall.

A 501(c)3 non-profit, Quoggy Jo is seeking donations and looking to develop new revenue streams, such as facility rentals and sponsorships.

Located just outside Presque Isle, Quoggy Jo has been in operation since the 1957-58 sason. The area operates on natural snow with a T-Bar serving its 215 foot vertical drop.

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