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Trail Work Projects Underway in New England
Trail Work Projects Underway in New England
New and improved trails could debut this winter.
Tuesday, August 15, 2017,
Berkshire East New Trail

With the ski season only a few months away, trail work has been progressing at multiple areas this summer.

Berkshire East
Berkshire East New Trail

Berkshire East has cleared the first trail of its ambitious north face project. Excavation is now taking place on the long novice trail, which descends from near the top of the Outback trail, around the previously undeveloped eastern and northern faces of the mountain, under the mountain coaster, and down onto the Lower Mohawk trail.

Berkshire East New Trail

As reported on in 2014, Berkshire East acquired 140 acres on the northern shoulder of Mt. Institute that March and received unanimous approval from the Charlemont Planning Board later that year to construct new trails and install a lift. The area currently has a Poma triple chairlift in storage that could be installed in a future phase of the expansion.

Cannon Mountain
Mittersill Trail Widening

Meanwhile, Cannon Mountain is doing additional trail widening at its Mittersill complex. Significant trail widening has taken place at Mittersill in recent years, yielding the widest trail in the state.

Waterville Valley
Waterville Valley Green Peak Excavation

At Waterville Valley, excavation and snowmaking installation have been underway for months on the new Green Peak complex. Waterville's first large scale expansion since the late 1960s, Green Peak will eventually feature 10 trails of all abilities. Novice-intermediate trails 51, 52, and 53 debuted in January, while the Green Peak triple chairlift officially opened on February 11. Temporary snowmaking pipe was installed on Chandler's Way (Trail 51) to service the summit of the new peak. Portions of Green Peak trails 52, 53, 57, 59, and 60 have been excavated thus far this summer.

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